WoW TBC Classic: Blizzard supplements new source for Brauest Aries

Yesterday only (on 20 September) it started, the BROUTEST in WOW: Burning Crusade Classic, and since then, countless players have been pilgrimages in the Schwarzfels again and again in the Schwarzfels, to redeeming Core s dignifice and with a little luck one of the coveted ribs large brauestkodo or Fast Braufestwidder to remove.

Some groups even report that both mounts are dropped on one stroke, for example here in this reddit post:

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Last night, the Blizzard developers have quietly and secretly implemented another source for the Aries Mount. With the BRINGSTARK dealer of your trust (find you before Orgrimmar or IronForge) you can now buy for 600 Braufestmarken the Item handmark honor brewer , which you with the quest Braufestwidder (Alliance) / Braufestwidder (Horde) supplies. This quest will receive access to Braustewidder for 10 Gold or Fast Braustewidder for 100 Gold.

However, there is a problem: the Horde Daily Quests, in which you should act as a market writer, should be bonded. Without the Braustestmarken of these quests, it should be impossible again to get together to the end of the event 600 Braustestmarken (via reddit). So remains only to hope that Blizzard reacts here quickly and creates a kind of compensation for those affected.

The author of these lines is old and forgetful: Was the Aries mount at the TBC-BROUP test actually already as a drop and over Braustestmarken ? What do you think? Has you already had luck with Coren Düsterbrau in the Blackrock depths? Track us in the comments! More information about the bread test is here .

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